Train leaving Bathsheba station heading toward Belleplaine, St. Andrew. : Train, Bathsheba  Train crossing Joe's River Bridge, St. Josheph. : Train, Joe's River, Bridge  Train arrives at Bathsheba circa 1930 : Train, Bathsheba, 1930  The Train - River Road bridge. The Railway service began in 1880 and was closed in 1938.During its operation it transported both passengers and freight all across the island.This train is shown on its way out of Bridgetown crossing the Constitution River Bridge which was one of the biggest train bridges at that time. A favorite among youngsters of the time was to climb along the trestles under the bridge and stay there as a locomotive passed inches overhead. Another "thrill" was said to be the passage over the Joe's River Bridge. Photo credit : Carib Publicity Co. Ltd. Taken from an old Barbados Fire & General Insurance Calender : Train, River Road, Bridge, Constitution River 
Maps showing the Tramlines of Bridgetown (by Allen Morrison) and Trainline of Barbados (The Pocket Guide to the West Indies by Algernon Aspinall)  Train arriving at Tent Bay