The Lady Nelson, Canadian National Steamships traveled  from Barbados to North America during the 40's, in addition to serving as hospital ships during World War II. : Lady, Nelson, Ship  The SS Normandie in the waters just off Barbados during the 1930's. : SS Normandie  HMS Black Bear in Screw Drydock "Blackwoods Dock" Bridgetown c. 1942 : HMS, Black Bear, Drydock, Blackwoods Dock, Bridgtown  The Nordenskjold, wrecked 15 Feb 1910, coming from Las Palmas to Bridgetown. : Nordenskjold, ship, wreck, Long, Bay, 1910 
The Hazel Y owned by Tom Herbert and which was fitted out with depth charges during WWII as a harbour patrol boat. Named after his daughters Hazel and Yvonne. : Tom, Herbert, boat, depth charges, World War II, harbour patrol boat, Hazel, Yvonne.  War Cloud  Bajan Fishing Boat, 'Super Snipe' at Tent Bay, St. Joseph. : Fishing, Boat, Tent, Bay