Hastings Baths : Hastings, Baths  Farley Hill Great House : Farley Hill Great House  Rockley Golf and Country Club : Rockley, Golf, Country, Club  Codrington High School, Society, St. John : Codrington, High, School 
The Lodge School, Society, St. John : Lodge, School  Beachmount Hotel, Bathsheba, St. Jospeh. : Beachmount, Hotel, Bathsheba  Aquatic Club : Aquatic, Club  Hastings Rocks : Hastings, Rocks 
Atlantis Hotel, Tent Bay, St. Joseph : Atlantis, Hotel, Tent, Bay  The Marine Hotel : Marine, Hotel  Hastings Hotel : Hastings, Hotel  Balmoral Hotel : Balmoral, Hotel 
Rockley Beach Hotel : rockley, beach, hotel  'Salisbury', Fontabelle, St.Michael, Barbados. : 'Salisbury', Fontabelle, St.Michael, Barbados.  'Holborn', Fontabelle, St. Michael : Holborn, Fontabelle, St. Michael  The Careenage, Bridgetown, Barbados : The, Careenage, Bridgetown 
Ellerslie House, Passage Road : Ellerslie, House, Passage Road  Herbert House Jetty, Fontabelle. : Herbert House Jetty, Fontabelle.  'Tenby' at Bathsheba, what is now Edgewater. : Tenby, Bathsheba  Looking north from Bella Vista at Cattlewash. : Cattlewash, St. Joseph 
Seawell Airport, Barbados : Seawell, Airport, Barbados  Collecting Passengers at Seawell Airport, Barbados : seawell, airport  Seawell Airport, Barbados : Seawell, Airport, Barbados  Springhall Plantation, St. Lucy : Springhall Plantation, St. Lucy 
Bomanston Pumping Station, St. John : Bomanston, Water, Pumping Station  The Leper Asylum which became The Lazaretto and now The National Archives : Leper Asylam, Lazaretto, National Archives  Parliament Buildings in background, and traffic policeman on duty in foreground. Bridgetown, Barbados : Parliament Buildings, Police, Traffic, Bridgetown  Constitution River with St. Michaels Cathedral in the background. : Constitution River, Bridgetown, Cathedral 
View from St. John's Parish Church looking North East over Newcastle. : St. John, Newcastle  The Careenage, Bridgetown, Barbados : Careenage, Bridgetown  Ladies sit near the weir at Belleplaine St. Andrew. : Belleplaine, St. Andrew, weir  The Cane Hoist at Spring Hall, St. Lucy : Cane, Hoist 
Pleasant Hall Plantation House, St. Lucy : Pleasant Hall, Plantation, House, St. Lucy  Fairfield Sugar Factory, St. Lucy, with Parish Church in background. : Fairfield, Sugar Factory, St. Lucy  Pelican Island, now part of the Bridgetown Port and Deep Water Habour. : Pelican Island  'Bust' depicting Queen Victoria on Queens Park House, Bridgetown. : Queens Park, Queen, Victoria 
This is "Indian Ground" St. Michael (right next to the Spring Garden Highway) and the monument is one of the two which claim that it is where the first settlers landed. Just behind the background trees was "Indian River". The river is no more and has been replaced by Courts Warehouse. : Indian Ground, Memorial  Inscribed plaque on the Indian Ground Memorial : Indian Ground, Memorial  The postcard view shows two trams on this line. The photographer was looking south over Chamberlain Bridge toward Bay Street. The strip of land in the distance is Needham Point From the postcards in the collection of Allen Morrison : Bridgetown, Swing Bridge, Needhams Point  This postcard view is looking north,across the Chamberlain bridge, with the Parliament Buildings in the background. Bay Street was behind the photographer.  From the postcards in the collection of Allen Morrison : Chamberlain Bridge, Parliament Buildings, Bridgetown 
A horse drawn tram in the center of the image, with Inner Basin behind. From the postcards in the collection of Allen Morrison : horse drawn, Tram, Bridgetown  Trams on the St. Lawrence line terminated at this stub track next to the statue of Lord Nelson (erected in 1813, 27 years before Nelson's Column in London). Trams on other routes passed on the right or alongside the park in the distance. Unlike most transport systems, the Bridgetown tramway did not pass the railway station. Instead of numbers Bridgetown trams had names – ALERT, ACTIVE, JUBILEE et al. From the postcards in the collection of Allen Morrison : Tram, Admiral, Nelson, Trafalgar Square  This is a view west down Broad Street, used by trams on the Fontabelle and Black Rock routes. Barbados Tramway Company eventually operated 25 tramcars on five lines, extending along 10 miles of track: : Broadstreet, Bridgetown, Tram  The Colonnade Refreshment Room, in what is now DaCostas Mall. Circa 1920's 
Trash Hut in Bathsheba, St. Joseph : Trash Hut, Bathsheba