Images of Bajans and persons living in Barbados through the years.
Royal Barbados Policeman in uniform. 1963 : Royal, Barbados, Police, Uniform, 1963  The Telephone Exchange in Worthing in operation. Year unknown. : Telephone, exchange  Harbour Policeman at the Careenage, 1961 : Harbour, Policeman  It was Joe Walcott, the Barbados Demon, welterweight champion of the world from 1901-1904, who actually coined the phrase "the bigger they are the harder they fall" “Walcott was something of a physical freak. Despite his size, he had the stamina of a bull.”  The National Police Gazette Oct 27, 1894, supports this view “His neck is 18 inches and his chest expanded is 41 inches, which is remarkable for a man of his weight”  The April 20, 1895 Gazette described Walcott’s power thusly, “His delivery was terrific having the force of a pile driver.” One blow from Walcott was said to be equal “to five” of his opponent’s : Joe, Walcott, Boxer, Barbados, Demon 
Glendary Prison Officials (Nurses and or Maids) : Glendary Prison, staff  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, listen to Mayor Motley at the Microphone. : Queen, Elizabeth II, Prince, Philip, Mayor, Motley  West India Regiment at the Garrison, Barbados.